Holiday in Krabi – As the days passed

I spent most of my time relaxing on the beach the next few days..

The next day, we visited quite a few interesting places… First, we visited the hot springs in Krabi town..

As the water gushed down from a height, a feeling of calm settled over me as I relaxed in the hot springs…

Next, we saw the Emerald pool. It is a natural pool which is in the midst of a fertile rainforest, surrounded by trees..

It gets its name as it is a pretty emerald green and changes colour according to the light and time of day.. The real emerald colour can be seen early in the morning.

We also went to see the tiger cave temple, which is a Buddhist temple located on a hill. You must climb 1,237 steps to reach the top.. it was a tedious climb which took about 40 minutes, but every minute afterwards was worth the effort..

There was a breathtaking view, as it just rained and the hills looked just let lovely as they looked over each other in the mist… the Buddha statue, majestic as ever, in all its golden glory.

A memorable visit indeed!


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