The moment of truth

I stood at the starting point, ready as ever,

Poised like an arrow, ready to shoot.

Waiting for the gunshot with bated breath,

As in my ears echoed the deafening noise of the audience hoot.

The shot came, sharp and clear,

And I bolted off, without a second thought.

The medal was what I wanted, my goal was near,

My heart pounding in my chest.

After all the pain I took, this was my time to shine,

As power and determination enclosed me like a shield.

We rushed past each other, like gusts of wind,

And my fellow athletes were nothing but blurs on the field.

We hustled on, what what seemed like forever,

As I remembered those chilly dawns.

When I would practice early every morning with a shiver,

But, it was all going to pay off.

As I edged closer and closer,

The atmosphere tensed.

I charged like a bull, and tore past the ribbon,

The audience erupted, my victory they must have sensed..


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